How do I describe which component I want?

For all of our hanging systems we use the terms 'RAIL', 'HANGER', and 'HOOK'. These describe the main features that make up each system.

The RAIL (sometimes referred to as TOP RAIL), is simply the picture rail, to be fixed horizontally at, or near the top of the wall, sometimes on the ceiling, occasionally at an angle following a staircase or on the top edge of a partition.

The HANGER is the vertical piece that hangs from the RAIL, either a steel or brass rod, a stainless steel cable or a crystal clear nylon line, easily adjusted from side to side, on to which you place…

The HOOK. All of them easily adjustable up or down, and most of them self-locking (just let go and they stay in place), so you can position your pictures perfectly and easily.

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