What spacing do I install the fixings?

We supply fixings with all of our rails. The fixings should be spaced between 360 and 500 depending on the substrate.

Stud/plasterboard walls

In stud walls (plasterboard) the spacing will be determined by the studs themselves. Studs are usually at either 450mm or 600mm spacings. Where studs are present a pilot hole is sufficient for each fixing.

Masonry walls

For masonry walls keep a similar spacing to 450mm where possible, masonry plugs can be supplied free of charge but they will need to be requested at the time of purchase.

Dot & Dab walls

'Dot & Dab' is a method of fixing plasterboard to a masonry wall where the finishing sheet is literally glued to the wall using dots of adhesive. This is a bit of a tricky one so please give us a call but the spacing remains the same. 1300 88 36 45

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